Pushing back the Darkness…?

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A friend mentioned how ‘the darkness is creeping in to the Light’ and that ‘we need to push back the darkness’.

… Well… kinda

Certainly this world seems full of horrors… and there are many. “Darkness” is not a new thing, though. It is an ancient thing, made stronger by human belief and human ego – by the desire for power and control, and by the lack of compassion and respect for others. Darkness is at its essence the disconnection of ourselves from the One. It is lack of Love. It first gets a hand-hold on a wounded human heart. As it gains strength there, it gets more bold, expanding outwards, affecting and influencing others. If threatened, darkness can be ferocious and fearless; seemingly indestructible.

And at this point in the current cycle of human evolution, darkness has had plenty of time (thousands of years!) to grow. It has gotten quite bold.

Obviously, we need to challenge it, but “pushing back the darkness”, is not quite what is needed right now. If we simply push against the darkness, the corners in which it lives still exist. It will still have a foothold in our societies and in our world. If we simply push, the situation becomes a battle of willpower… a different flavor of ego… and we only end up validating the darkness by giving it our attention. At best, by pushing against it, all we are really doing is giving ourselves a temporary respite from dealing with the darkness that permeates our world.

And that’s no longer enough… or good enough.

Instead of just “pushing back”, we need to scour our societies and drag the darkness in to the Light. And yes, it will kick and it will scream and it will try all its tricks to try to convince us that it is not as dark as it appears. But the time has come for us to not accept darkness in any of its forms. The time has come to deal with it, once and for all.

The time has come to completely eradicate the darkness.

Yes, it’s a nasty process, dealing with this darkness. It’s dirty and gross and disgusting, and yes, it is going to be an ongoing process for a little while longer. But as dim as the world might seem to us some days, we need to remember that it is only a temporary discomfort. After all, we are recreating our world as a reflection of Light and Love… reshaping it to one that vibrates at a higher frequency!

This is just another step on our journey to reach our Higher Human Potential. So much has already been done, but we must continue to make a point of shining brightly – more brightly than before. We need to persevere a while longer, and illuminate all those dark corners with our Brilliance.

There is an end to the darkness… and that end is in sight.

We are on the right Path!

~*~ namaste ~*~

- Changing the WorldEvolution to Light

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