Lab Rat

Hello again! Yes, I’m still here. And yes, I kinda took a break over the last few days. On what was pretty much a whim, I decided to hang a “do not disturb” sign on my metaphysical self (at least to the degree any of us really can) and consciously chose to be more physical for a couple days. Doing so has confirmed to every ounce of my being that I’m “over it” – that there is more to life than hanging around in the physical, being frivolous on the computer, watching television and doing those things I generally don’t do much of. It doesn’t feel right. It is shallow and self-centered and … pointless, really. Well, pointless except in the “last lesson of this nature” kind of way.

The ironic thing is that by taking this kind of a break, I’ve actually been able to “connect a couple more dots” of the big connect-the-dot puzzle of this incarnation -making associations between things that I hadn’t realized were connected before now… bits of my background, beliefs and experiences that had been haunting me, but to which the solution had been elusive. But I’m on to them now – so those one or two old habits and deep-set structures will soon be going “bye bye” once and for all – and won’t that be nice? The full picture is becoming more clear every day, with every experiment I conduct on myself. Yes, I feel like a lab rat. But isn’t that what life is about, when you get right down to it? Experimenting, experiencing, questioning and determining what your reality is… and evolving it and yourself along the Way?


Rules & Approval: part 3

……… continued from yesterday’s post ……..

Is it human nature, or a socially-induced end result, that encourages us to look for external approval to such an extreme degree? Is it some concept of civilization which indicates acceptable decisions and social interactions and which defines these things further with legal consequences for unacceptable actions? Perhaps it’s a matter of physical comfort in our modernized countries and no longer having the minute to minute fight for our lives that has encouraged us to instead seek permission for and social approval of our actions instead of finding creative ways to think, grow and live? Or perhaps nothing has changed at all. The hunter dragging the kill back to the clan was often rewarded with approval, wasn’t he? The difference, I suspect, is that while the hunter was out actually hunting, a myriad of decisions faced him – any one of which may very well get him hurt or end his life. Simple, mindless, regurgitation of ‘fact’ of how to hunt, without any independent or creative thought, under these kinds of circumstances was a dangerous thing.

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Rules & Approval: part 2

……… continued from yesterday’s post ………

With this cultural conditioning intact, we manage to make it through school, with a variety of peer and social pressures surrounding us, pushing us away from our own pure, loving, natural essence and very often away from our own emotional and spiritual truths. And thus we enter the adult world, isolated from ourselves on an intensely deep level, continually surrounded by the same types of expectations: seek approval, do what is socially or culturally expected. Don’t listen to yourself, for the self (the inner voice) is irrelevant – assuming you can hear it any longer.

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Rules & Approval: part 1

I believe in interpretations of life and living and spirit from an experiential perspective; That is to say, according to my own experience of things. Like most metaphysicians, beliefs, notions, and standards are taken and examined individually and personally, allowing a personal sorting out and truth to emerge from the process. And with all the years of looking at myself and at the cultural impressions made upon my soul -with all the breaking of the ropes of ‘standard thought’ that has been accomplished- I am still astounded by the social and cultural and emotional spiderwebs which still bind in subtle but important ways.

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Wouldn’t it be Nice …

TruthDancer at Goodness Graciousness, started a Meme, naming it “Hold the Vision”. She says… “We need to allow the images of peace and goodness to enter our consciousness, our minds, and our souls. We need to believe a world of compassion and care is a real possibility.” I couldn’t agree more. And so I volunteered, and was later asked to participate in spreading this vision. In so doing, I hope to inspire others to hope, to love, to feel with their hearts, and to help manifest the healing changes that we are now beginning to experience on this plane…

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I recently took a “morality quiz”. Although I usually eschew such things, I was curious what kind of results it would return. They weren’t quite what I expected. According to the questions posed on this quiz and the ‘professional opinions’ of the creators, I am apparently “entirely permissible” in my morality. Ummmm… huh?

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