Rules & Approval: part 3

……… continued from yesterday’s post ……..

Is it human nature, or a socially-induced end result, that encourages us to look for external approval to such an extreme degree? Is it some concept of civilization which indicates acceptable decisions and social interactions and which defines these things further with legal consequences for unacceptable actions? Perhaps it’s a matter of physical comfort in our modernized countries and no longer having the minute to minute fight for our lives that has encouraged us to instead seek permission for and social approval of our actions instead of finding creative ways to think, grow and live? Or perhaps nothing has changed at all. The hunter dragging the kill back to the clan was often rewarded with approval, wasn’t he? The difference, I suspect, is that while the hunter was out actually hunting, a myriad of decisions faced him – any one of which may very well get him hurt or end his life. Simple, mindless, regurgitation of ‘fact’ of how to hunt, without any independent or creative thought, under these kinds of circumstances was a dangerous thing.

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