About My Path

When it comes right down to it, I am just somebody on the Path for greater understanding. There are a variety of names & labels that some folks would burden me with if given the opportunity, but they are not important. Personal names are also not important. This site, although partially documenting my experiences and ponderings about it all, is not about me. It is about ideas, and concepts, and growth. It is about the Path to greater awareness, to peace – inside and out. It is my intent to join people together in this journey, and to help spread the light a bit along the way.

My background is fairly diverse, and has included various levels of study and experience with Tibetan Buddhism, American Buddhism, different flavors of Christianity, some Hinduism, Zen, Tai Chi, Ki Gong/Chi Gung, a handful of martial arts, Reiki, Mindfulness, several types of Meditation practices and techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, various types of physical Yoga, psychic development and phenomena, physical health, fine art, technology, literature, Metaphysics, and life in general.

I don’t particularly subscribe to any single religion, feeling that most of them have suffered greatly through the ages by human ego and politics and the “need” for power. I do, however, believe that if you look hard enough, the seed of truth exists within all religions and expressions of Spirituality. Of the major belief-systems, I personally prefer the non-sectarian Buddhist approach, but have been known to follow Vajrayana/Tibetan teachings as well as some Zen. I believe that all life is worthy of respect and that we are all “One”; that we are merely different instances and expressions of the same “life force” or Divine Essence (including plants, animals and the planet herself). In this regard, I am told my beliefs more closely match some Native peoples’ belief systems as well as those of certain Neo-pagans, but I haven’t explored those paths or ideologies in any real depth at this time.

Like-minded individuals, and those curious about things like meditation, spirituality, metaphysics, health and happiness are welcome here. Those wishing to convert me or others to their shallow, fanatical views (religious or otherwise), are not. Intelligent discussion is welcome but antagonistic, rude comments are not. This little corner of the cyber-verse is about love and compassion, health and healing, openess and growth. It is not about arrogance and ego.

If we can share our experiences and learn from each other along the Path on this Earth, then we can all grow and all benefit. And that is what this site is all about…

If you would like to contact me directly, please email “OneMysticalMonkey [at] OneMysticalMonkey [dot] com”


  1. I’m enjoying all your writings, thoughts, and energy. I consider myself eclectically spiritual. I will return to digest more!

  2. Andrea Little says:

    I like your monkey, would you mind if i used it for a college course project?

  3. Liara Covert says:

    I like how you favor positive aspects of many different religions, yet also recognize how the human ego has altered original ideas in many traditional texts. I see spirituality as a culmination of many positives. Its wonderful to experience this uplifting journey in our own way.

  4. i love your blog. and i’d love to send you a copy of the movie ‘Spiritual Warriors’ to see if you would be interested in blogging about it. the movie is inspired by the book: Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living – and if you have a good look on the net about John-Roger – the writer/producer – I think you might find this movie a great fit with your blog. wikipedia has some great info and j-r.org has all the links …

    you can also view the trailer of the movie at http://www.spiritualwarriors.com, and find information about: creators NY Times #1 bestselling author Dr. John-Roger and actor Jsu Garcia; screenings across 47 cities in 20 countries; photos; and reviews.

    thanks very much for your consideration,
    look forward to touching base soon.
    much love and Light,
    Zoe Golightly
    for Jsu Garcia

    zoe goLightly
    cell: 323.422.0002 | office: 323.328.1927
    email: zoe@msia.org
    facebook: zoe golightly
    twitter: twitter.com/zoegolightly
    skypename: zoegolightly

  5. piano radio says:

    i’ll be coming back. great ideas!

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