– Backwards & Broken

authentic evolution

Silly humans… don’t you realize yet that you can’t evolve through coercion or with agendas of any kind? Don’t you realize that true evolution will only happen as an authentic expression of ourselves and our true light… without ego, but with a genuine, sincere (ego-less) morality and ethics… ?

Waking (the F*) Up

All the pain and chaos and blatant violence that the world is experiencing these days is unnerving and disconcerting on a personal level to be sure… but it’s also serving a couple of “Higher Agendas”… things that are easy to overlook, but things that we, as part of the “Fairly Aware”, should keep in mind…

Wake the F*** UP!

Ok, people… I don’t usually do this, but please, for all our sakes… WAKE THE F*** UP and stop the violence and the hatred! You’re acting like complete asses… and here’s a shocker – The world does not need more egotistical assholes. The World does not need people who are only interested in satisfying their…