Pushing back the Darkness…?

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A friend mentioned how ‘the darkness is creeping in to the Light’ and that ‘we need to push back the darkness’.

… Well… kinda

Certainly this world seems full of horrors… and there are many. “Darkness” is not a new thing, though. It is an ancient thing, made stronger by human belief and human ego – by the desire for power and control, and by the lack of compassion and respect for others. Darkness is at its essence the disconnection of ourselves from the One. It is lack of Love. It first gets a hand-hold on a wounded human heart. As it gains strength there, it gets more bold, expanding outwards, affecting and influencing others. If threatened, darkness can be ferocious and fearless; seemingly indestructible.

And at this point in the current cycle of human evolution, darkness has had plenty of time (thousands of years!) to grow. It has gotten quite bold.

Obviously, we need to challenge it, but “pushing back the darkness”, is not quite what is needed right now. If we simply push against the darkness, the corners in which it lives still exist. It will still have a foothold in our societies and in our world. If we simply push, the situation becomes a battle of willpower… a different flavor of ego… and we only end up validating the darkness by giving it our attention. At best, by pushing against it, all we are really doing is giving ourselves a temporary respite from dealing with the darkness that permeates our world.

And that’s no longer enough… or good enough.

Instead of just “pushing back”, we need to scour our societies and drag the darkness in to the Light. And yes, it will kick and it will scream and it will try all its tricks to try to convince us that it is not as dark as it appears. But the time has come for us to not accept darkness in any of its forms. The time has come to deal with it, once and for all.

The time has come to completely eradicate the darkness.

Yes, it’s a nasty process, dealing with this darkness. It’s dirty and gross and disgusting, and yes, it is going to be an ongoing process for a little while longer. But as dim as the world might seem to us some days, we need to remember that it is only a temporary discomfort. After all, we are recreating our world as a reflection of Light and Love… reshaping it to one that vibrates at a higher frequency!

This is just another step on our journey to reach our Higher Human Potential. So much has already been done, but we must continue to make a point of shining brightly – more brightly than before. We need to persevere a while longer, and illuminate all those dark corners with our Brilliance.

There is an end to the darkness… and that end is in sight.

We are on the right Path!

~*~ namaste ~*~

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Intention and Wishing…

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An Intention… is a goal that you truly believe you deserve on all levels of your being, and that you believe you can manifest.

A Wish… is something you would like to have or accomplish… but which, on some deep level of your being, you don’t truly believe you deserve.

Wishes are dreams… hopes… things that seem “beyond your ability to achieve” because you don’t truly believe they can happen. On some deep-seated level, you don’t believe you deserve the manifestation of the goal(s). They are, to your mind, unattainable. Wishes are goals without commitment, without belief.

Intentions are also manifested according to your deep-seated beliefs, but they remain things that you believe you can accomplish. They are achievable goals. They often require the investment of your time and energy, and sometimes the exertion of your will in order to manifest. They may need a “plan of action” and “baby steps” to accomplish. Or perhaps they simply require your patience, acceptance, and belief that the Universe will manifest your goal for you in a way that is in your ultimate best interests. The end result is that the goal is achievable all the same, because you believe it to be the case.

The difference between Intention and Wishing is your belief.

The reality is that You manifest your reality. It is you who tells the Universe “I deserve this” or “I don’t deserve this”. Whatever you communicate to the Universe, it listens. Whatever you believe… wherever you put your energies… that is what the Universe reacts to.

The Universe is unlimited. It is loving and kind and Abundant. You are a child of the Universe. As such, you are limited only by your own beliefs about yourself and the world. It is You who stops the Abundance of the Universe from flowing to you. None other.

So… are you Wishing… or Intending… ?

Remember, the Universe listens.

“The difference between Intending and Wishing is your Belief”


You are Loved

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You are Loved. Truly. Wholly. Completely.
Remember this, always.

You are Loved

You are Loved


Light in the (apparent) Darkness

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Darkness exists to show just how brightly the Light Shines

Darkness exists to show just how brightly the Light Shines

Today is a day to remember that Light shines brightly, regardless of its surroundings, but sometimes, a little “dark” can show us just how bright that Light can be!

Today, the world has changed. And although it might initially look more than a little bleak, remember that this is really an opportunity to dredge up the layers upon layers of sludge – to dig up all the pain and the dysfunction and all the things that have been long buried in our culture. It is an opportunity to take these things out, to look at them… and to finally, truly CHANGE them… to TRANSFORM them… on the deepest and most profound levels possible.

No, it’s not likely to be painless or particularly easy (Dark doesn’t often like to be brought to Light), but BE BRAVE, and Be TRUE, Lightworkers. Now is Our Time to make the changes that our World so desperately needs. And we have it within us to do *exactly* what we need to do.

Remember yourself. Remember the Light. Remember LOVE … no matter what!

“In this world, hate never dispelled hate. Only love dispels hate. This is the law, ancient and inexhaustible.” — Buddha



Know these things…

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As a Lightworker, as a Spiritual Being, as somebody on the Path to Understanding, as a Being on this Planet, as whomever you are and however you self-identify… what would I have you know?

First, I would have you know … truly and deeply know… that You are Loved. Unconditionally. Completely. Thoroughly. You are loved through all aspects of your Being, regardless of your external shape, your unruly emotions, your funky history and personal experiences, through all of it… and more! Furthermore, not only are you Loved and Cherished, but You are Perfect! Just the way you are. Really.

You need to know that despite the pressures and artificial definitions of this World and its societies, one size does not fit all when it comes to self-identity, self-expression, or the understanding of who you really and truly are. Look inside yourself and see the Light that exists there. See the Truth there. Know it. Own it. Then, find the courage to express this Light however you deem it necessary or appropriate to do so, and know that so long as you are being true to yourself, you are being true to the Light.

You are Ok being exactly who you are. Yes, really! The Truth is that you are a unique and valued expression of Light, of Love, of BEing, of purpose, and of humanity. This is the case regardless of what the people around you, your culture, your history, or your experiences try to tell you or convince you of. You are unique and you have your own purpose, your own reason(s) for being here. Have confidence in that. Know it.

Know that the World is backwards… it’s definitions, expectations, restrictions, its modes of operation. It’s just backwards. The powers of the World are currently operating without moral principles or ethics, and without compassion or heart, opting instead to promote ego, judgement, division, hatred and fear. This is not the way of the Light. This is not in Alignment with Truth. It is backwards and it is harmful to all of us. But know that things are changing. All the chaos in the world right now is the pivot upon which change -real change- will happen …it is happening!- if we persevere. The hatred, the violence, the harm that we see in the world are the dying cries of Ego, outdated processes and warped sense of power fighting for their lives. They are screaming for our attention so much right now because Light *is* “winning”… because change is happening… because we know another way to do things and we are tired of merely surviving within an artificial system that is broken, backwards, and harmful.

Listen -truly listen- to your heart and to your intuition… Listen -and act on- your own higher understanding of the world. You know what is right. You know what needs to be done, and you know how to do it… if you only listen!

Know that you are not alone. There are those of us who are aware of our higher purpose and with whom you may be able to find guidance, support, and insight. There are many of us who are on the various Pathways to Knowledge and Awareness, seeking Truth. Find your “tribe”, your sangha, your congregation, your community. Know that when your personal light is overwhelmed by the World and dims a little, that you have people who will help you rekindle your flame… beings who will help you regain your footing and help you along for a while. Know that although we are individual representations of the Light and Love, and that your individuality is very important to the whole, ultimately, we work together and we are One. We rely on each other, and that’s ok. Not only is it ok, but it’s encouraged, for it is when we join together that our Light shines brightest.

And remember… there is more to existence than simply surviving this physicality!

… with Light and Love … *Namaste*

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Take a moment…

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Stop living out of Fear. Start living out of Love.

Stop living out of Fear. Start living out of Love.

Media and Politics and Ego are breeding Division and Hatred among us, and are feeding even more Fear and Uncertainty across the World (and certainly throughout our country (U.S.) – particularly with and through the upcoming Presidential election). Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, apprehensive, and impotent to change much of anything.

But we have more power than we often realize, and the fear, division, and hatred… the things that media and politics are feeding and breeding (and people are absorbing)… only work if we let them.

Don’t let it.

Take a moment, please, and recenter yourself. Take a moment to steady yourself, instead of just going through the world, getting blasted on all sides by various opinions, energies, actions, decisions, etc. Take a moment to bring Calm to yourself and to the World. Take a moment to shrug off the effects of negativity. Take a moment to simply breathe. Then, instead of absorbing and radiating fear, uncertainty and impotence, you radiate calm and peacefulness. Instead of being impotent, you have taken a strong, if quiet, action… and with it, changed your day, perhaps changed the tenor of somebody else’s day, and added a bit of good to the World.


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Breathe the Balance

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Today marks the Autumnal Equinox and the official start of a new season. Today, the amount of “dark” and “light” are equal. Today is all about balance.

So today, take a moment to notice the balance that is the Universe. Take a moment and breathe deeply, slowly. Take a moment to slow your racing mind and your raging emotions. Today, take a moment to reflect upon this summer – what you did, what you may have learned, or how you grew and expanded as a person, how you felt, what you accomplished, what you enjoyed.

Breathe… and absorb the knowledge and understanding you need and want to take with you going forward. These experiences, these accomplishments – they’re yours. Own them.

Breathe… and then let go of everything from the summer that you don’t need or want, or that does not serve your higher sensibilities, and your higher self. Let go of anything that does not help you going forward. These things are part of your experiences, and now, they are part of your past. They had their role and now they are done. Let them go.

Breathe. Take a moment to think about where you want to be, what you want to do, or pursue, or accomplish during this new season. Consider your personal goals, and then release them to the Universe with the knowledge that the Universe has its own sense of Timing, its own Natural Flow. Be open to this. Be at peace with this. Find the Balance between “letting go” and “actively pursuing” your goals.

Breathe. Remember this sense of peaceful resting between action and inaction, between the dark and the light. Remember this sense of Balance.

Breathe, and slowly recenter yourself in your physical reality. Breathe… and then go on with your day, knowing… remembering Balance.


Balance – The Universe’s breath; the constant energetic give-and-take between all aspects of Life and Being.

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Experiences are not optional

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Experiences on this planet are not optional. We are all affected by the world around us. It’s what we signed up for. Our reactions to the experiences of the world vary person to person, depending on our personal temperament, our cultures and environments, our emotional well-being and self-control, the amount of personal stress we may be experiencing, and many other factors, but we are all affected by the world in which we live.

Our society seems to have this idea that we have very little, if any, choice about our experiences. We still seem to believe that there is some “destiny” that we can not escape, made manifest through our personal experiences… Or, if not fate, there is at least some source of “lessons and opportunities” where events and circumstances are intentionally placed in our path as a tool for personal betterment. Either way you look at it, the underlying belief is that things happen TO us.

If this is to be believed, humans are doomed to be narcissistic victims of circumstance.

But is this really the case? Are we really just unwilling victims of circumstance? Of events? Do we really have zero power over our experiences on this plane?

No. No. No… and No.

So… the truth? Things happen. Period. It is the nature of the Universe to change, to evolve, to grow, to “stretch” and “explore” and “push”. It is the nature of the Universe to have things happen… to change. The truth is that the events and circumstances we experience on this Earth are, by their nature, impersonal. They simply exist. They do not have an agenda. It is our interaction and our perception that determines the effect these events have on our lives. We give them power. We assign value and importance to the impersonal events of Life. Things happen. Things are always happening. But we are the ones who choose the effect these things have on our lives.

Don’t believe me?

Watch yourself (your own mind, your own reactions), and even watch others, when faced with something unexpected. There is a fraction of a heartbeat… the barest of moments… between when events “happen” and you realize that something is going on. It is this moment… this pregnant pause… where you choose the experience you want, given the circumstances of the moment. It is a moment where all things are possible. It is a moment of manifestation. It is a moment of choice. It is a moment “inbetween”… a moment that is full of magic… full of potential… full of everything and full of nothing. It is in this moment that you make your choice. It is this moment that you can change your perspective and you choose your experiences.

If you watch closely… if you practice… if you can catch yourself in this moment, in this heartbeat of potentiality… you can change your world… because instead of being a victim to random circumstance and events, you choose your own outcome.

And that’s pretty powerful.

Experiences are not optional. What they are depends on your perception. Your perception is a matter of personal choice.

Experiences are not optional. What they are depends on your perception. Your perception is a matter of personal choice.




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Laughter –genuine happy laughter– is said to be good for the soul. And this is absolutely the case, but there’s also more to it than that. Laughter is not just good for the soul… Laughter *is* the Soul, expressing its most basic essence in an audible form! It is our true nature to be happy (and to express and to share this happiness) and laughing is the natural, physical extension of this Truth. Laughter, very simply, is a way for the Soul to express itself. Laughter is the innate, purest JOY… the music… of our souls, of our Selves, and of our Natures, expressing itself in this physical world. Laughter is Love, Joy, and Peace… and it is who we truly are.

So laugh! … and share the Joy of your Soul with the World!

Laugh... One Mystical Monkey / http://www.OneMysticalMonkey.com

Laugh… it’s the Soul’s Way of expressing its True Nature!!

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Thought for the day:
“Serenity… the practice of holding peace in your mind and in your heart, despite the circumstances of the given moment.”

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