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Stop living out of Fear. Start living out of Love.

Stop living out of Fear. Start living out of Love.

Media and Politics and Ego are breeding Division and Hatred among us, and are feeding even more Fear and Uncertainty across the World (and certainly throughout our country (U.S.) – particularly with and through the upcoming Presidential election). Many of us are feeling overwhelmed, apprehensive, and impotent to change much of anything.

But we have more power than we often realize, and the fear, division, and hatred… the things that media and politics are feeding and breeding (and people are absorbing)… only work if we let them.

Don’t let it.

Take a moment, please, and recenter yourself. Take a moment to steady yourself, instead of just going through the world, getting blasted on all sides by various opinions, energies, actions, decisions, etc. Take a moment to bring Calm to yourself and to the World. Take a moment to shrug off the effects of negativity. Take a moment to simply breathe. Then, instead of absorbing and radiating fear, uncertainty and impotence, you radiate calm and peacefulness. Instead of being impotent, you have taken a strong, if quiet, action… and with it, changed your day, perhaps changed the tenor of somebody else’s day, and added a bit of good to the World.


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