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As a Lightworker, as a Spiritual Being, as somebody on the Path to Understanding, as a Being on this Planet, as whomever you are and however you self-identify… what would I have you know?

First, I would have you know … truly and deeply know… that You are Loved. Unconditionally. Completely. Thoroughly. You are loved through all aspects of your Being, regardless of your external shape, your unruly emotions, your funky history and personal experiences, through all of it… and more! Furthermore, not only are you Loved and Cherished, but You are Perfect! Just the way you are. Really.

You need to know that despite the pressures and artificial definitions of this World and its societies, one size does not fit all when it comes to self-identity, self-expression, or the understanding of who you really and truly are. Look inside yourself and see the Light that exists there. See the Truth there. Know it. Own it. Then, find the courage to express this Light however you deem it necessary or appropriate to do so, and know that so long as you are being true to yourself, you are being true to the Light.

You are Ok being exactly who you are. Yes, really! The Truth is that you are a unique and valued expression of Light, of Love, of BEing, of purpose, and of humanity. This is the case regardless of what the people around you, your culture, your history, or your experiences try to tell you or convince you of. You are unique and you have your own purpose, your own reason(s) for being here. Have confidence in that. Know it.

Know that the World is backwards… it’s definitions, expectations, restrictions, its modes of operation. It’s just backwards. The powers of the World are currently operating without moral principles or ethics, and without compassion or heart, opting instead to promote ego, judgement, division, hatred and fear. This is not the way of the Light. This is not in Alignment with Truth. It is backwards and it is harmful to all of us. But know that things are changing. All the chaos in the world right now is the pivot upon which change -real change- will happen …it is happening!- if we persevere. The hatred, the violence, the harm that we see in the world are the dying cries of Ego, outdated processes and warped sense of power fighting for their lives. They are screaming for our attention so much right now because Light *is* “winning”… because change is happening… because we know another way to do things and we are tired of merely surviving within an artificial system that is broken, backwards, and harmful.

Listen -truly listen- to your heart and to your intuition… Listen -and act on- your own higher understanding of the world. You know what is right. You know what needs to be done, and you know how to do it… if you only listen!

Know that you are not alone. There are those of us who are aware of our higher purpose and with whom you may be able to find guidance, support, and insight. There are many of us who are on the various Pathways to Knowledge and Awareness, seeking Truth. Find your “tribe”, your sangha, your congregation, your community. Know that when your personal light is overwhelmed by the World and dims a little, that you have people who will help you rekindle your flame… beings who will help you regain your footing and help you along for a while. Know that although we are individual representations of the Light and Love, and that your individuality is very important to the whole, ultimately, we work together and we are One. We rely on each other, and that’s ok. Not only is it ok, but it’s encouraged, for it is when we join together that our Light shines brightest.

And remember… there is more to existence than simply surviving this physicality!

… with Light and Love … *Namaste*

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