Breathe the Balance

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Today marks the Autumnal Equinox and the official start of a new season. Today, the amount of “dark” and “light” are equal. Today is all about balance.

So today, take a moment to notice the balance that is the Universe. Take a moment and breathe deeply, slowly. Take a moment to slow your racing mind and your raging emotions. Today, take a moment to reflect upon this summer – what you did, what you may have learned, or how you grew and expanded as a person, how you felt, what you accomplished, what you enjoyed.

Breathe… and absorb the knowledge and understanding you need and want to take with you going forward. These experiences, these accomplishments – they’re yours. Own them.

Breathe… and then let go of everything from the summer that you don’t need or want, or that does not serve your higher sensibilities, and your higher self. Let go of anything that does not help you going forward. These things are part of your experiences, and now, they are part of your past. They had their role and now they are done. Let them go.

Breathe. Take a moment to think about where you want to be, what you want to do, or pursue, or accomplish during this new season. Consider your personal goals, and then release them to the Universe with the knowledge that the Universe has its own sense of Timing, its own Natural Flow. Be open to this. Be at peace with this. Find the Balance between “letting go” and “actively pursuing” your goals.

Breathe. Remember this sense of peaceful resting between action and inaction, between the dark and the light. Remember this sense of Balance.

Breathe, and slowly recenter yourself in your physical reality. Breathe… and then go on with your day, knowing… remembering Balance.


Balance – The Universe’s breath; the constant energetic give-and-take between all aspects of Life and Being.

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