A Gift of a Feather…

Posted on August 9, 2007 By

Galactic Feather

Original Artwork, (c) 2007 One Mystical Monkey, all rights reserved.

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  1. WaterLearner says:

    Thanks for the Feather!

    It’s beautiful!


    WaterLearner (Singapore)

  2. Thank you and you are quite welcome, WaterLearner! I am glad that the message(s) given touched at least one soul in the manner it was meant to do!

    That image is quite a bit more striking on a larger format, actually. I am hoping to make it (and other images) available as postcards and such soon.


  3. Liara Covert says:

    I just love the image. The color swarms around me and envelops me so that I can feel the softness of the feather. it reminds me of the soft touch of angel wings that embrace us when we may least expect it. I’m grateful you’ve shared this beautiful image.

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