shades of a dream

Posted on November 20, 2007 By

What has become an occasional recurring dream, this time it appeared with a new twist. Instead of confusion and indecision, although a bit of that remained, the message on this newer version of the dream was clear: Collect and sort through old and as yet unseen notes and papers, then close the door to those bits of past, those shades of ideas, leaving the key to them behind. Shuffle through them, without giving them too much credit, for they are too old now to be truly relevant. Revisit them just for some sense of closure and then go on, without looking back again.

The message is to end that chapter, to clear the confusion and to make decisions, to finish any old unfinished business and to then go forward. Go forward, by going back. Go forward by revisiting places and aspects of ‘what was’ which have haunted a bit… haunted enough to inhibit moving forward even though the influence was subtle. To identify the influences which have acted as a limiter on what can be, of what is. In some ways, the starting anew is to start once more from the “ground up” although the task/occupation at hand is old and familiar. Part of the task at hand is to search for the location and the means to accomplish the goal, for there is some unfinished business from a fresh perspective that it is now time to take on, resolve, and to metamorphose.

And so to pursue the details of what I must now pursue with fresh mind and spirit, releasing any remnants of confusion or indecision or irrelevant history and leaving them behind…

Monkey business

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