From the Mouths of Babes…

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“When everything goes up to heaven, does a new cycle of Earth begin?”

Interesting that a six-year-old asks this question apparently out of the blue… especially when there are several cosmologies and ancient texts indicating that we may be nearing the end of this current cycle of existence. But little kids are -or can be- less influenced and manipulated by the trappings of physicality… they are closer to the Source and understand the connection of One that we adults have forgotten (even though we may seek the Path). For younger children, everything is possible. They are, in many ways, our spiritual texts come to life, for they know, intrinsically and completely that everything really is possible. It is through their continued interaction with adults that children lose their wonderment and belief and through which they become limited by our artificial and superficial understanding of physical reality. “There is no spoon” is natural to a child, but it can be a rather difficult concept for an adult to even consider.

The above quote, although phrased as a question, gives us a great, contemporary hint that perhaps those cosmologies and ancient texts are not as far-fetched as our manufactured illusions and egocentric desires for self-preservation may want them to be. This child was just looking for confirmation of a truth of which he was already aware… the truth that everything is cyclical… including our physicality.

Consider the persistent myths and stories of great, ancient civilizations torn asunder by quakes and volcanoes… stories encapsulated into the cultural heritage of a wide variety of civilizations… stories which suddenly appear in our consciousness (scattered about the globe) at about the same time-frame. Is this mere coincidence or is it further evidence of our cyclical nature and the same concept as quoted above? If our world myths on this theme are examined not as unrelated stories with coincidental commonalities but as parts of a related whole, they speak a truth mankind does not often want to hear for it threatens our scientific “reasonable” concepts of reality and life. Leave it up to a six-year-old to adequately summarize the concept of the cyclical nature of existence so well!

But where does this leave those of us who are currently manifest in this physicality? It leaves us exactly where we ought to be – which is exactly where we are. It leaves us with a reminder that we are One, truly interconnected and perpetuating beyond the confines of our science and reason. It leaves us with an opportunity to transcend ego, the opportunity to evolve as a species, and the opportunity to try it all over again…

5yr old: “You know, some time dinosaurs will be back alive again…”
6yr old: “Yeah, I know. During the next cycle of Earth.”
5yr old: “And some time, I will be back alive again!”
6yr old: “Yeah, me too!”

… Hrrrrrmmm …



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