a Day to just BE

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Today has been a day to just BE. Some days are just like that. Other days are definitely not. But today was.

Today’s essence was obvious. It was not without strife or opposition by any means. In fact, the day seemed to have been interspersed with more than the average number of obstacles, challenges, or opposition to “getting things done”! But despite all the weirdness (and it has been weird today!), the day seems to have taken on a life… a rhythm… of its own. Even the moments of opposition seemed to be without teeth! One moment, they were there; the next, they were forgiven, forgotten… gone.

Some days, we see and feel the rhythm of the world more clearly than others. Some days, we’re lucky if we see or feel it at all amid all our daily DOings. But today was soft and gentle… rather mellow, actually. It feels quiet, as if resting (but not unproductive!). As though things are shifting in our world once more -and getting ready for a bigger shift yet!- taking another step towards living in accord with the Light.

We are destined to take these steps toward the Light. We are meant to live in balance, with love and patience and compassion towards each other and the Earth, and the various beings here. We are OF the Light. Today feels as though a few more of us have actually recognized that.

It has been an interesting day.

It has been a good day.


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