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Faith and belief in Spirit seems to have a more-or-less tidal motion for me… it’s always there, but sometimes it swells a bit more than at other times. There are times when I’m absolutely certain it exists and is guiding me where I need to be (or where It needs me to be), and other times when I just get distracted by the physical reality of life to listen very well to Spirit and I stumble around a bit, wondering why the lights just went dim. But that’s part of the Path, isn’t it? Pushing at the veil of illusion for a while, only to have Mara, the Great Tempter, push back and distract you from the truth of reality? Buddha went through it, sitting under the Bodhi tree. He got past all the distractions and temptations of physical reality, touching the ground before him in symbolic gesture, calling Mother Earth to witness his Enlightenment at Mara’s last challenge. He (& others) set a precedent for all of us who follow; We too can get past these illusions and rejoin the Spiritual reality more consciously if only we can manage not to succumb to the distractions of physicality!

In those times of “forgetful distraction” however, Spirit itself seems to offer more obvious reminders of our true calling… and Spirit can be quite persistent, as I’m rediscovering (again and again and again)!! Suddenly the email with articles or links to immediately relevant topics and thoughts just appears in your inbox, a flyer with information on metaphysical classes of interest gets thrust into your hand, you get a phone call -even if it’s a wrong number- with a familiar name or voice or something to trigger a memory or a reminder of where you need to be or why, you wake up several mornings in a row with various spirit guides staring intently at you with a clear message echoing in your head, or any number of other reminders seem to occur. Spirit wants us to succeed, wants us to grow – despite our tendencies for the physical, for illusion, for distraction from our true goal of reunion. Spirit tends to provide ample opportunity to grow too (physically as well as on metaphysical levels) and Spirit is kind enough to provide us with constant reminders to pay attention and to make the most of the lessons set before us – if we can but recognize them! And that takes practice and a willingness to hear…

May we all listen, and follow Spirit’s guidance!!


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