Peacock & Feathers

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… A quick rambling from a busy Monkey, concerning a message sent in a dream and recently revisited in physical reality…


PEACOCK, recent experience in physical reality:
A beautiful bird, seen in the wild… one confident in itself enough not to be shy or threatened by humans approaching. It jumped down from it’s low perch to share the same footing as we, graceful and almost expectant in demeanor, he walked around, displaying his gorgeous plumage for several minutes, occasionally fluffing his feathers for maximum effect. Beautiful, rich, iridescent blue on his throat, lustrous green across his shoulders, tail feathers with blue center spots, ringed with a soft gold tone. Dazzled by the sight of this magnificent bird, we watched him for 20 minutes or more, getting within six feet of the beautiful creature.

FEATHERS, from a dream not long ago:
Peacock feathers, arranged in a vase with dried reeds, set for display (but not only for display) on a side table in the corner of a comfortably lit room, colored soft white and pale sea foam / turquoise green/blue. A disk, about a foot in diameter, also covered in feathers and held with the hands as if in mid-creation or in preparation for hanging upon the wall, being examined. Lush, vibrant tones of turquoise and royal blue and indigo and a pure deep green… a dream of … security and protection of a sort. Somehow a reminder of the spirit within and the pure Light that dwells there. A re-opening of the Heart and a reconnection to the Universal… aaaaah, the relief to be returned to this consciousness!

Common Meanings:
Often associated with greater vision and awareness, wisdom. It is the bird that most closely resembles the description of the Phoenix through many cultures world-wide. It is often also held sacred and associated with the God(s/esses) of various cultures including that of Amon-Ra and Horus in Egypt and Hindra to the Hindu populace. The peacock is also frequently thought to embody the concept of resurrection, and it is reputed to be able to destroy poisonous snakes…

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