Down the Rabbit (W)Hole

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The metaphysical path is truly one that is experiential… we observe, we question, we evaluate all things, determining for ourselves the nature of each reality with which we come into contact on our journey. Our goal is to break through the illusions of the physical -the deceptions woven into our consciousness by the egos and drives of ourselves and of each other- to understand the true nature of the Ultimate Reality from whence we came.

To uncover Reality, we look within using meditation and prayer to dig up and examine those things which lie within our hearts; our own emotions, agendas, and ego-driven actions. We soon discover for ourselves the effect these things have on our lives and within our realities. With practice, a certain clarity of the effects of ego may appear and we may be able to transcend our social and cultural conditioning to get beyond our emotional responses to the stimuli which surrounds us. We observe again, and perhaps find that our lives are simplified and our emotions are no longer in control. We notice that those situations which may have spiraled out of control before, driven by ego and emotion and selfishness, no longer tend to do so. We come to realize that our level of self-control (or lack thereof) truly does dictate our experiences on this plane.

We begin to realize that we create our experiences on this plane – that “With our thoughts we make the world” (Buddha, The Dhammapada). We challenge the whole concept of reality as it has been taught to us, and we break through it bit by bit by bit, discovering each new layer of Truth, each different twist of reality.

It has been stated in various spiritual texts that in order to make changes in the world, we must first start with changing ourselves. It is only once we have gained some understanding on that more personal level that we are even able to entertain the agendas and egos of the World Mind to attempt changes there. Fortunately for us in many ways, these changes are coming fast and furious these days.

The changes taking place on this plane are not limited to the inner journeys of we mere individuals -although that’s certainly an important part of the process. The Changes also involve kickstarting changes in the established patterns of thinking on a Global scale. It is time to change the way we do things. Time to change how we and our governments interact with the world and its inhabitants… it is time to unravel the political egos and rattle the foundations of the self-serving elite who are more concerned with their own pockets than with what is in the best interest of the nation, the planet and humanity itself.

It is time to join together our efforts to bring Light and Healing to the World, for She deserves it. We also deserve to live in Light, instead of in the dark shadow cast upon us by the politically elite, the corporate structures and the myth of “…government of the people, by the people, for the people…” (Gettysburg Address).

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” (Wizard of Oz) is what many of our species would have the rest of us believe. But unless we look behind the curtain, how do we know what is truth, what is myth, what is reality, what is fiction? Without looking, without evaluating, we are blind sheep, being led by the “world wolf” who is himself dictated by ego and fear and greed and a myriad of other less-than-noble traits of humanity. Without looking behind the curtain, we are likely to believe the illusion, buy into the manufactured fear, the projected hallucination… and to fall right into step with the desired result/reaction. Subscribing to an illusion may be easier to do than seeking truth, but no matter how easy it may appear to be, it still remains Mara … illusion.

Join me in challenging the realities that have been spoon-fed to us since birth, in deciphering the true nature of our physical reality on a larger scale than individual reality, for changes are upon us and for us to evolve to our true nature, we must join together in the spirit of Light, Love, Compassion, and Healing. We must open those doors which have been previously (and sometimes forcefully) closed and look inside. We must discuss those things which we discover hidden there, and we must communicate with each other. We must share our knowledge and skills, our Light, our Love, our Healing and Compassion. We must share ourselves, and we must work cooperatively in the true spirit of humanity… for it is our true humanity which will ultimately Heal us.

This is the next step in changing our world for the better, and although the inner voyage and the external world political scheme may seem separate and individual, they are not – they are simply two parts of the Whole… two sides of the same coin … and it is time for a re-minting of that coin.

Is it easy to question “reality” on the levels about which I write and about which I am driven these days to explore? No. It is an unraveling of illusion on the most basic of levels – and that is a bit frightening, even for those of us who have been following this Path for a while, striving to see through the veils of illusion with which we are blinded. This is a different level of peeking behind those curtains, and I’m honestly not sure how far the rabbit hole goes, how twisted the tunnels may be, or whether they all lead to one burrow… But I do find these perspectives interesting and intriguing on a variety of levels, and a deep-seated knowing that this is a real part of the necessary changes for the betterment of our world prevail… and so, I extend my hands to you and ask whether you’ll take the red pill or the blue …?

Morpheus: …You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland …


Rabbit (W)Hole

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