Come together

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Ever feel alone in this World? Like you just don’t belong? Ever feel the need for confirmation of your intuition or higher knowledge?

No matter how “in-tune” we might be, there are times when we doubt the wisdom of our higher selves… we find ourselves doubting those subtle little messages from our intuition… and we find ourselves seeking confirmation of information we already have… confirmation of things we already know. It happens to all of us from time to time -even the most consciously aware among us! And honestly, the fact that it happens at all is quite sad… nevermind the frequency with which it happens! This alone says a lot about the state of the world. It verifies just how much healing this world yet needs, despite how far we have already come.

The truth of the matter is that our modern culture places very little value on anything that cannot be quantified as physical, tangible, know-able and intellectualized, or otherwise definable as “real”. Psychic gifts, the ability to Heal energetically, knowledge of Truth… these types of things just don’t make it on to the table of modern “reality”. And oh how very wrong is this definition! If only “they” knew. But that is part of our jobs fellow Healers, Intuitives, Knowledge-Keepers, Angels, Light-Beings, Star-People, whomever you are and whatever you call yourselves… everyone who has come to help… please, know yourself for who you are… and be secure in that knowledge. You are not alone.

There are some extremely powerful beings walking the Earth these days. To have them and their gifts minimized by a culture that does not understand -and does not value- the gifts and healing they bring is a true shame. And if you are one of these Healers, Intuitives or Knowledge-Keepers who has reclaimed even a shred of awareness, you know that it hurts tremendously to be surrounded by a World culture that on the whole, doesn’t even remotely recognize what you’re offering and which furthermore seems to shun it at every waking moment. The walls some of us have to put up around ourselves just to survive in this world are thick and thorough. They have to be. Those of us who have not been able to defend ourselves against this constant onslaught of attack of belief, of Truth, of Reality, often find ourselves hurting on more levels than one.

This deep, ongoing pain is one of the reasons for Community. This is the reason we find ourselves drawn to each other, helping each other, healing each other… reminding each other of our higher purposes on and in this world. Together, our strengths and intentions multiply. Together, our essences recognize each other (despite our conscious thoughts or beliefs). Together we validate each other, and we offer each other some measure of protection from the cruel world of man-made culture and harmful, erroneous beliefs. Together, we can heal the world.

Despite its flaws, the world is not beyond saving. It is not beyond Healing. So whenever you can, come together, my friends! Come together, heal and reset yourselves and each other. Come together, my friends, and join your unique gifts and abilities together… focus your attention on the positive, on the Good, on Healing and Health for this world and its myriad beings… to and from the Light… for the best good for all…


Evolution to LightHealing & Wholeness

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