Signs and Portents

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When walking around the neighborhood, I’ll often see feathers lying on the ground. A couple times, they’ve even floated from the skies, landing directly in my path. I take these feathers as a “sign” – as a reminder of my Divine side – as a reminder that there is more to our physicality than just physicality. Inevitably, when confronted with a feather like this, my heart does a little leap and I find myself smiling… smiling and happy, regardless of the mood I might have been in beforehand.


Signs, symbols, and portents are found within all cultures and all religions. Many of them, and the practice of interpreting them, were more prevalent in ages past, when superstition reigned over logic. In those times, signs were sometimes intentionally and maliciously invented, twisted, or created in order to manipulate changes toward the betterment of personal status or a physical goal (“She’s a Witch! Drown her! … and the fact that I’ll then get that nice chunk of farmland she owns has nothing to do with it!”).

Even now, when logic normally reigns over superstition, the less honorable among us will still manipulate “signs” for their own best interests. Others interpret signs as justification for their own ego, manipulating them to do or get what their unruly emotions want. Fortunately, the intentional manipulation for one’s own personal gain is no longer nearly as prevalent as it was in days past. However, even the best-intentioned amongst us are rarely as clear as they could perhaps be. This is not usually the fault of the (honest) person, but is rather simply the nature of living through the lens of human perception, human ego, and human comprehension. We “need” to have some mentally or emotionally significant, or physically tangible, significance attached to things for them to mean something. And so, that is what we tend to create.

But what happens if instead we simply notice these signs for what they truly are – a reminder of our own Divinity and a hint of the Magic that still exists in the world…?


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