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Humans try so hard to understand the Light, we forget that we ARE the Light. We try so hard, but by trying so hard, our understanding, our logic, our ego, gets in the way of truly understanding. Regardless of our attempts to keep ego at bay, to keep it from coloring our perception and understanding of things… it gets in the way anyway. It is the current human condition. It is a condition that can be tamed and tempered, but it is also ingrained in our culture to such a degree that it’s hard to see beyond it, without it, or even around it. This self-inflicted limitation is, very simply, part of the current definition of “human”. It doesn’t have to be.

Ego, Logic, Intellect. These things demand that words -explanations!- be placed around an experience in order for it to be considered real. And by placing words and explanations around an experience, we limit the experience. People experience things differently; It is part of the beauty of being individual aspects of the same Whole Light! But words and explanations limit the way others might experience the same thing. Most things -and certainly the experience of Light- is not something that is easily explained or defined. It is why the Zen Masters spoke in riddles! It is why meditation or sincere prayer can be useful and effective tools to help mankind suspend rational thought and experience the Light directly.

But Zen Masters are few and far between these days.

So we are stuck with our cultural “need” to let the rational brain, to let logic, define and explain our world and our experiences. But again, this condition is artificial. We were not made this way. We made ourselves this way.

Culture, the development of society and social structure made it this way. Our conscious choices over the millennia to believe in this mode of society, this mode of thinking, this mode of seeing and believing, created this. It is artificial. It is not our true nature. It is not true sight, nor is it a true experience of the world. Once we realize this, we can “opt out” of the belief that logic and intellect are the only way to experience the world. And once we do that, we can once more experience the world, and our place within it, much more directly. We can experience the world with the heart, instead of solely with the head.

This frees us. This lets us experience the wonder of the Light, of Oneness, in the way it was meant to be experienced… in the way that it exists.

Am I asking you to disregard reason?
No. Absolutely not. Reason has a valid place in the world and in our experiences.

Am I asking you to live in emotional turmoil or emotional fear (superstition)?
No. We are beyond that evolutionary time. There is no need to revisit it!

But rather, I am asking you to use both –head *and* heart– and to experience all of life’s experiences directly.

Try it. See what changes in your world. 😉


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