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How does one continue spiritual development and maintain spiritual awareness while also maintaining a connection to the physical world and meeting its daily demands? You let go of any preconceived or conditioned notions of physical expectation and you train yourself to be forever in the moment, forever and always in communication with Spirit. You trust -or rather, you know – that the physical is taken care of… because it is taken care of.

In focusing on each moment, you begin to see the spaces between the moments. You begin to see the connection of each moment to the next through these spaces, and you begin to recognize that the physical is in each moment. In these spaces, and within these connections, you find the All. And within this All, nothing is lost… but all is gained.

It begins with a moment.

It continues to the next moment. And then to the next.

It ends as ONE.

… but it begins with a single moment.


Evolution to Light

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