Stuck in Physicality

Posted on December 3, 2015 By

Stuck in Physicality. The state of being where everything seems physically-based and physically-oriented. The state of going through life without any apparent time to meditate or pray, to write or think, or do much of anything else other than attend to the physical demands of life on Earth. It’s the state of existence where all actions and all thoughts are focused on the physical, the mundane, the physically necessary. It’s the state of “busy” that’s all about DOing, instead of BEing.

This can be a really tough place to be for those of us who are metaphysically sensitive and/or aware of existence outside of the physical. But the physical world is where I’ve been the last several days, and I’m not really sure why or how it happened. Evidently, my Mindfulness practice is lacking! So it’s time to regroup, to prioritize some “quiet time” to sit and meditate… to think and to BE. (And so it will be.)

At least my cycles of physicality seem to be limited to short periods of time. For many people it’s their daily existence; a way of life. Truly, it’s an epidemic of this modern civilized world. Yes, there are times when we must focus on the physical aspects of our lives. We are on Earth, and physicality is one of the dominant traits of being here. But being so focused on the physical -to the exclusion of all else- is not healthy for any of us. It can be exhausting to “go, go, go!” without regular opportunities to reconnect to Spirit (without falling asleep)… and without an already established, iron-clad practice of Mindfulness upon which to rely during these periods, the state of “physically busy” doesn’t provide us the opportunity to think, to examine, to evaluate, or even to be aware of the details of life. Without some time for introspection, we learn nothing and nothing changes, yet life goes on and we’re barely aware of its passing. So much for actually living this life on Earth!

So, take care of the physical, but also take care of the metaphysical. Be aware of “physicality” and “busy” and don’t let it rule your experience here. In the meantime, if it’s not already in your skills, consider adding Mindfulness to the toolkit!



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