Curve-balls (1)

Posted on May 24, 2016 By

Sometimes it seems that this physical life decides to throw us a random “curve-ball” with which to contend.

When faced with these curve-balls, our personal world seems to stop for short period of time. Suddenly, everything changes, and we are faced with the decision of how to react and what we do with the experience. We can react badly (“This kind of thing always happens to me! Life stinks!”), or we can recognize the opportunity for what it truly is – a chance for us and/or those around us to learn and to grow. Your choices can reinforce the type of experiences you have on this plane, so if your first reaction is along the lines of an emotional “Not me! Not again!”, I’d encourage you to transform that reaction to one of interest and curiosity “Oh! What lesson is here for me?!” or a grateful “Thank you – I will be more mindful and aware” or perhaps even “Oh! Where is this experience leading me next?!”.

Because the truth is that these curve-balls… these unexpected turns of events… are not random. They are the Universe’s way of doing things. They are a jolt to our assumptions and to our lackadaisical lives. They are the Universe’s way of reminding us of our connections to and with others. They are reminders of our own Paths, and of our own choices, and they can change your perceived physical reality in a moment!

And the choice in how you react and what you gain from the experience is yours…


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