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We are all connected.

This is a common-enough sentiment, echoed throughout the ages within different cultures, religions, thoughts, practices, ideologies, etc. We readily admit that there exist connections between parent and child, family and community, region, nationality, and the World. There are connections of friendship, connections of love, there are philosophical and intellectual bonds, and there are innumerable other connections that exist between the peoples of this planet. We tend to acknowledge most of these connections pretty readily.

We accept the connections that suit us in some way… those connections in to which we are born and raised and conditioned to accept… those connections that validate our beliefs, our experiences, our goals, our wants, our desires. Why do we do this? Why do we acknowledge the bonds of family, or those of community, for example? Some of this is conditioned (we are generally taught to love the people in the family in to which we are born, for example), but there’s a greater truth: we acknowledge our connections to each other because deep down, we acknowledge that we are intrinsically connected to each other.

Let me say that again… On a very basic, essential, elemental level, we recognize that we are connected to each other. We recognize that we are all different aspects of the same Whole.

But what about those connections that are somehow a little less obvious, or for those connections that we have not been conditioned to immediately see or acknowledge? For those, we have a choice. We can either choose to see the connections, or we can choose to see what appear to be the differences. We can choose to look deeper, beyond the apparent and superficial differences between us to see the connections that exist… or we can choose to use these “differences” as a starting point for ego, division and hatred. We can choose. We do choose… each and every day, within each and every situation.

The truth remains: We are connected. But the choice about whether or not to acknowledge this wholly, partially, or not at all, is entirely up to us.

The choice is ours. Choose well.



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